Friday, September 9, 2011

Malay Restaurant Delicious Meals

[Bahasa Melayu]
The Malay Restaurant at IOI Boulevard Puchong, The JM Bariani House faces Jalan Kenari 8 of Bandar Puchong Jaya. The main menu at this Malay Restaurant, the delicious Biryani rice dishes,is receiving very good responses from diners whose meals (all halal) are usually Chinese & Indian. JM Bariani House is among the few Malay Restaurant franchise in Malaysia, having over 20 outlets in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur and the restaurant chain is expanding, Delicious Malay Food Catering with menu including Nasi Beriani and also Chinese & Western Cuisines.

Malay Restaurant With Full Air-conditioning

Office,Home and Event Catering

Nasi Beriani Melayu Johor

Laksa Utara, Mee Bandung & Mee Rebus

The A'la carte menu in this Puchong restaurant includes other delicious Malay recipes that are not easily available in Selangor/ KL. The Laksa Utara, Laksa Johor, Mee Bandung and Mee Rebus Melayu are authentic in tastes and are available at this Malay restaurant. Side menu includes the traditional Tauhu Bakar & Rojak Petis which are usually served as appetizers.

Variety Of Fruits,Desserts, Hot & Cold Drinks

Desserts that compliment the biryani Melayu Johor includes refreshing fruits, coconut jelly, tapai, dadih, creme caramel & a lot more.

Traditional Malay Kuih: Kuih Samosa, Kuih Bakar & Karipap

For evening coffee/ tea, the restaurant serves traditional Malay kuih among others are kuih Samosa, kuih bakar, karipap, seri muka, Kuih Puteri Dua Sebilik and kuih lapis. The Malay kuih are selected on daily basis giving different tastes of the kuih everyday at every visit to this Malay restaurant.

School Re-union

Bright, cheerful but modern decor and casual ambiance,the restaurant is becoming a favorite venue for School Re-unions or meeting old buddies and colleagues. Parking space is plenty below the Boulevard, open air alfresco, WiFI and card payment facilities are pluses to choosing this Malay restaurant as a meeting place.

Employee Appreciation Programs

Companies & corporations that hold simple prize giving ceremony at the restaurant in casual & cheerful atmosphere after a good meal of the biryani. Other events are hari raya / festive celebrations, giving feasts to guests, anniversaries & birthdays. The restaurant also provides special dishes (with advanced reservations) of Malay, Chinese styled or western menu. Companies could therefore make success their employee programs without spending too much. JM Bariani Puchong is rated 'Very Clean' by MBSJ.

Restaurant at Lunch & Dinner Times

Peak times at the restaurant are the lunchtimes and dinner times. However, dining tables will be extended to the Alfresco dining area should the dining hall was filled.

JM Bariani House restaurant at The IOI Boulevard

The restaurant is located at the IOI Boulevard, facing Jalan Kenari 8 (IOI Boulevard is across the LDP from IOI Mall). The Restaurant is with full air-conditioning, sofa seats,and alfresco open air area. Facilities available includes WiFi, Visa Mastercard acceptance, ample parking, praying area (surau).

Tel: 03 80767269 0122005681 (Reservations and Catering)