Sunday, January 9, 2011

Delicious Food - Fried Ribs Rosemary

Fried Ribs Rosemary at IOI Boulevard Puchong is a delicious dish that the best to share with friends on the same table. JM Bariani House Puchong serves this unique-delicious slightly-gamey fun of a dish for real mutton lovers.

Rosemary Fried Ribs

The mutton ribs are fried in rosemary to crispy outside while the ribs linings are slightly chewy with ample tastes of mutton without the overbearing gamey smell.It tastes great with the beriani or on its own with a glass of cold calamansi drink. The crispy fried ribs rosemary is served with rosemary sauce to enhance the taste.

JM Bariani House IOI Boulevard Puchong has become a hit with the residence of Puchong & Bukit Jalil for the delicious beriani and other food from side dishes such as this Rosemary Fried Mutton Ribs.

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